Minecraft Team Race To Elytra Wings Part 1- PS3, PS4, Xbox One, Xbox 360 & Wii U Edition

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A team Race to the elytra wings! first team to reach the end, defeat the nether dragon and obtain the brand new elytra wings from TU46 “title update 46” wins the race! this will be a two part stream. A 4 v 4 Survival challenge to the end city 🙂

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Change log for Content Update 36 – December 19th 2016

Added new blocks: Chorus Flower, Chorus Plant, Dragon Head, End Gateway, End Rod, Purpur Block, Purpur Pillar, Purpur Stairs, Purpur Slab.
Added new items: Chorus Fruit, Popped Chorus Fruit, Dragon’s Breath, Elytra, End Crystal, Lingering Potion, Water Splash Potion, Potion of Luck, Tipped Arrow, Boats made from Spruce, Birch, Jungle, Acacia, and Dark Oak.
Added new mobs: Shulker, Stray, Husk, and Skeleton Trap Horses.
Updates to terrain generation:
The End has changed when generating a new world, and can also be updated for old worlds. To get the new End in an old world, select “Reset End” in the “More Options” menu when loading the world.
After killing the Ender Dragon in the new End, an End Gateway will spawn nearby. Throwing an Ender Pearl into this will teleport you to a new area in The End with an End City and End Ship.
Within the End City and End Ship you can find Shulkers, Elytra, and a Dragon Head.
Added new Tutorial world.
Added Elytra, which let you glide around the world when you are wearing them. Jump while falling to start gliding.
Boats are now controlled differently and can have multiple passengers.
Brewing now requires Blaze Powder as fuel for the Brewing Stand.
Updated crafting interface to allow crafting Firework Stars and Fireworks.
Villages now generate naturally in the Taiga biome.
Added Amplified Terrain option.
Added Fallout Mashup Pack trial.

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Minecraft is a game in which players must collect resources, build structures, battle mobs, manage hunger, and explore the land in an effort to survive.

Minecraft Team Race To Elytra Wings – PS3, PS4, Xbox One, Xbox 360 & Wii U Edition

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